CLOCS Certification

CLOCS is the abbreviation of Construction Logistics and Community Safety. It exists to improve the safety of construction vehicle journeys as HGV and construction activity is rising at time when there is also an increase in vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.


We understand that safety is paramount and the difference in our investment is tangible; in addition to standard safety features, each vehicle has six cameras and additional nearside sensors to assist the driver in the safest possible driving and manoeuvres. We display warning decals around the vehicles to assist vulnerable road users. This is in addition to the most important part of our safety; our drivers. We invest in constant new training and refresher courses so that we are informed and alert, ready to carry out jobs to the highest possible standard.

S. Porretta and Sons Ltd are CLOCS certified through FORS Gold and have years of experience delivering building products, wide and abnormal loads such as beams and glazing, ADR dangerous goods loads and site essentials such as generators, to construction sites across the UK, including specific Crossrail sites in London and HS2 sites in and around Birmingham.